29900% Returns |Power of FB Ads ! Case Study — Generating Rs. 250K+ Returns from just Rs. 1000 !

29900% Returns |Power of FB Ads ! Case Study — Generating Rs. 250K+ Returns from just Rs. 1000 !

How much can Rs. 1000 help your business ?
Answer: 29900 % !! You think that’s crazy ?? then follow me on this!

A few months back, a small business owner approached me about promoting his business (Abacus Training Institute) located in a tier 3 city in India which has total population of around 3 Lacs.

During our meeting, he told me he had boosted one of his facebook post from free ad credit that Facebook provides and was impressed with the amount of people it reached. Now he wanted my help to promote his business using only FB ads !

Given the fact, most of the people using facebook in small towns don’t even use fb often and even if they do, they are hard to approach and to convert. So at first I was Skeptical whether running FB ads in small towns is going to give any returns! But after doing some audience research, I thought it can be tried! The guy was equally excited.

Now His objective was clear — to sell his Abacus Franchise in nearby towns. He had been trying newspaper ads till now. But the turn out wasn’t any good.


My client had a website, but people in small cities won’t take even a bit of effort to go to the english website and fill enquiry form given the fact filling English Form was another barrier ! So We decided to go with a Lead Generation Ad.

We created a short 15 Second Video in regional language (Marathi) with a twist !

The Ad Preview. Source: Mad Marketing Man Data

Ad Copy:

“Get your own Franchise Free of cost, pay only for the Materials”

This Ad was run for a duration of 8 days, with ad budget of only Rs.1000 in a radius of 50 Km Around Latur(a small town in State of Maharashtra, India) and nearby towns(Solapur, Bhir, Akluj).


Result Stats for the ad. Source: Mad Marketing Man Data

We were able to generate staggering 210 Leads in a span of 8 days! Out of those a lot of leads were no go as expected. But, my client was able to convert 15 leads. The one-time material cost was around Rs.22000. For easy understanding let’s say Rs. 20000 now for 15 conversions, he made

15 X 20000 = Rs.300000. 
– Minus the ad cost Rs. 1000, 
That’s Rs.299000 !

Not at all bad for small cities.

With the right delivery method Facebook ads can do wonders for you!

What is your Facebook ads experience ? do share in comments !

Cheers !

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